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ASX Sharemarket Game - Helpful Books

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Invest My Way
RRP $29.95

Beginning with basic coverage of managing blue chip shares, the book also includes invaluable information on managing portfolios as well as offering advice on when to buy, sell, and accumulate stocks. In-depth and comprehensive, Invest My Way is the latest instalment in Hull's collection of investment texts—including Active Investing and Trade My Way—which, taken together, provide readers with a complete stock market solution.

  • Presents a unique new strategy for making money with blue chip stocks
  • Author Alan Hull is a respected, well-known trading and investing expert
  • Walks readers through the entire blue chip investing process, including building portfolios with maximum capital growth and returns
  • The third instalment in Hull's complete guide to making money in the stock market, following in the footsteps of Active Investing and Trade My Way

Essential reading for casual investors, including baby boomers, retirees, SMSF trustees, and anyone else interested in trading or investing long term in Australian blue chip shares.



Shares Made Simple
RRP $27.95

Shares Made Simple is the essential ground-up investing guide for stock market beginners. Unlike most sharemarket guides, this book explains in simple language all the relevant stock market terms and definitions; includes practical, uncomplicated tips after each succinct section to ensure readers have grasped concepts clearly; and then provides straightforward strategies for profiting on the market -- no expensive financial advisor required!




Business of Share Trading
RRP $49.95

  In concise and clear language, The Business of Share Trading, second edition, shows how you can take control and profit from an active sharemarket portfolio. From developing a plan and financing your capital investment, to setting up a home office and keeping accurate records, this newly expanded edition offers step-by-step guidance to all aspects of running a successful trading business.

Updated to reflect the changes that have occurred in the industry over the past decade, the Business of Share Trading contains everything you need to know about:

  • Fundamental, technical and combination analysis
  • Dealing with brokers, data suppliers, ISPs and information sources
  • Trend trading, break-out trading and reversal trading
  • Trade entities and exits, position sizing and stop-loss management.

Top Stocks 2013
RRP $29.95

Please note: Available early October

In this new edition of Top Stocks, renowned financial journalist Martin Roth returns with his tried-and-tested analysis of the best public companies in Australia, based on low-risk and long-term value. Featuring clear and objective information on the performance and outlook of Australian companies across market sectors, it's an absolute must for Australian investors.

Presented in its trademark easy-to-read format, Top Stocks 2013 cuts through the noise and hype to assess every company on the same proven criteria, with a focus on profitability, debt levels, and dividends.

  • Features individual, unbiased analysis of the latest results from Australia's top companies
  • Includes comparative sales and profits data, as well as in-depth ratio analysis
  • Packed with comprehensive research on each company's overall outlook and tables ranking all companies according to financial data

For investors and traders, nothing beats the expertise and insight available in this trustworthy bestseller. Top Stocks 2013 is the ultimate guide to the top Australian companies.



Building Wealth in the Stock Market
RRP $65.00

One of the few trading books that deal with fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

Building Wealth in the Stock Market is a complete investing guide for anyone looking to profit from the sharemearket. Completely updated since it was first released as The Aggressive Investor, the book outlines Colin"s complete investment plan honed over 40 years of trading and is aimed at any investor wanting to create a winning investment strategy. Colin begins by examining investor psychology, in particular, how winners think about investing and then goes on to detail his own investment plan which centers around the idea that finding good stocks is secondary to managing investments through to the point at which they are sold. In other words it focuses on how to know when to sell to reap maximum benefits. To better illustrate how to time the market and buy shares as they go up and avoid or sell shares that are going down Colin uses case studies of his own trades which helps readers apply Colin's plan and see exactly how it works in specific situations. The result is a comprehensive investment package from one of Australia's most successful investors. Colin has been out-performing the All Ords for nearly eight years running (even in the current downturn) and shows through his case studies (which includes examples of trading US and Asian stocks) how others can do so too, regardless of market conditions



Trade My Way
RRP $29.95

Markets trend: up, down and sideways. Stocks never stand still. Knowing this, how can you consistently profit from the Australian stock market? In Trade My Way, best-selling author and sharemarket expert Alan Hull reveals his two short-term trading strategies-active trading and breakout trading. These tried-and-tested strategies will help you turn a profit no matter which way the stock market is trending. Written in easy-to-understand, engaging language, Trade My Way also offers: * a simple introduction to share trading for beginners * a complete guide to understanding and interpreting price charts * risk management essentials for trading success * MetaStock indicator formulas for more experienced traders * detailed step-by-step trading simulations. Buy and sell stocks for profit like a professional-become an active trader!


Trading Secrets 3rd Ed

Designed to educate, motivate, and guide you through the sometimes confusing world of trading, the book shows you how to set up a trading business and, most importantly, master your number one trading foe; yourself. Known for her witty and entertaining style, Bedford has demystified the world of share trading for thousands of investors and traders, and you're next.

  • Brings together the processes, careful planning, and risk control techniques that Bedford has used throughout her own successful trading career
  • Offers fascinating insights into everything from how to handle a windfall profit to why men and women trade differently
  • Includes end-of-chapter review materials, essential for helping you master the material


  Analysing Company Accounts

Company annual reports and prospectuses contain a wealth of vital data regarding the health of a company, yet few investors use these resources to their full potential. Analysing Company Accounts 4th edition will help you to understand the information presented and to know which figures are useful and which can be misleading. Roths suggestions for monitoring your portfolio are based on ratio analysis. Side-stepping the purple prose of company directors, investors can with the help of a calculator compare, contrast and ascertain the actual stability and growth potential of any publicly listed stock. Importantly, real examples from company reports of 15 of Australias Top 500 companies are used to highlight and clarify the books lessons.First published in 1995, this title was soon number 1 on the Stock Exchange Book Centres 30 top sellers list. Continuing popularity with investors has seen Analysing Company Accounts updated through 2nd and 3rd editions, and this new 4th edition has been rewritten to reflect todays changing market conditions.Comprehensive, wide ranging and practical in their coverage of the sharemarket, Martin Roths suggestions will prove a valuable educational tool for both established investors and newcomers alike.



Starting Out In Shares - The Asx Way 2E
RRP $34.95

This comprehensive book, authored by the expert Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) team, is aimed at both would-be or beginner investors, and investors familiar with the sharemarket who want to exploit it to accumulate wealth. It aims to teach readers how to effectively use shares to build a financial future. The book covers where to find sharemarket information; how and when to buy shares, tried-and-tested stock selection methods; trading within a strategy and taking the emotion out of decision making; managing a portfolio; plus lots more.


Shares and Taxation

The tax issues associated with owning shares can at times be mind-boggling and difficult to understand. This immensely practical guide unravels all of the umpteen taxation rulings that you'll need to comply with the moment you start buying shares. The book explains in simple terms core tax principles with numerous tax tips, potential traps and practical case studies to reinforce the learning process. So why pay a registered tax agent $250 an hour to solve a problem when you can read this book and find the answer yourself?